I’m a simple guy with a simple message, “Live, before you die!”

I live in Orlando, Florida with my wife, son (10), and Cooper, our yellow Labrador Retriever.

As The Blog Whisperer, I’m the Internet’s only five-a-day blogger. No easy task I can assure you. What innocently started as a 100-day challenge to write down important life lessons – to leave a trail, so to speak, for our young son – has become an Internet anomaly.

While writing daily about life’s big five – Mind, Body, Spirit, Money & HQ – it is glaringly obvious that leadership is a personal choice.

And, leadership is like training a puppy.

The principals that govern life, leadership and raising a puppy are simple, but they are far from easy.

It’s my mission to cut through the clutter and help you become the leader you’ve always envisioned.