It’s Sorta Not Like This

Three Weeks Old (July 5)
Three Weeks Old (July 5)
Eight Weeks Old (Aug 12) - 1st Day @ Home
Eight Weeks Old (Aug 08) - 1st Day @ Home

You’ve probably heard that attending church doesn’t make you a Christian anymore than standing in a a garage makes you a car.

And owning leadership books doesn’t make you a respected leader anymore than owning Dog training books makes your Dog listen.

The key, as if you don’t already know this, is to make common sense, common practice.

There are basics, fundamentals, that make being a respected leader and owning a well-behaved Dog much more likely.

But no rules for success will work if you don’t.

Thoughtful, passionate repetition is the only way to develop great habits. Period.

Anyone telling you differently is after your money, because you’re after easy solutions.

The solutions aren’t easy, but they are simple.

People Are Pleading For This

Was My Blind Spot That Obvious?
Was My Blind Spot That Obvious?

People need certain things in life. Things that are critical to success.

A young boy might crave a puppy.

A new employee might crave a great leader.

In either case, it is a very real craving. A need, if not fulfilled, might manifest itself in unproductive ways.

A need, if satisfied well, can produce life-altering results.

Meet The Puppy

Dec. 08, 2010
Dec. 08, 2010
Dec. 08, 2010
Dec. 08, 2010

Can a dog, a puppy, help you become a world-class leader?

Wait, before you think this is nonsense and leave…

This is Cooper, a 6-month old Yellow Lab puppy.

He’s going to influence and, most assuredly, change the way you behave as a leader.

So that you become a better leader, more often, to more people.

So meet the puppy, in these photos taken this morning, December 8, before work.

The vision for Leadership Is Like Training A Puppy is to help people like you (who are passionate about doing work that matters) become better leaders through proven leadership training strategies.

It’s hard to have a well trained Pet, but it’s not impossible.

It’s hard to be a great leader, but not impossible.

Sit. Stay. Come. Good Boy.

Over and over and over and over….