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Leadership IS like training a puppy. Seriously.

The ingredients are exactly the same.

  • Love (servant leadership)
  • Selection (pick the best you can afford)
  • Vision (well-trained people & pets)
  • Mission (great service)
  • Consistency (at every step)
  • Training (master the fundamentals)
  • Support (care & “feeding”)
  • Rewards (what gets rewarded gets repeated)
  • Purpose (teamwork)

Earlier today, our ‘puppy’, Cooper, was not cooperating. He would not let me get close to him – he knew I was disappointed. It took me a few minutes to get into a position where I could make myself clear.

At just the right moment, I grabbed the thick neck fur and skin of this 85-pound Lab pup and forced his muzzle into the grass. Like a wrestler, I quickly mounted on top of Cooper and with my body weight, pinned him to the ground.

My face was now in his face – 3 inches apart. And in no uncertain terms, I used a tone that was crystal clear – I’m Akela (leader), you listen to me. Period.

Moments later, upon releasing Cooper from that alpha dog grip, Cooper came and laid at my feet. Our son (10) witnessed the whole thing and I asked a very specific question.

“Do you see the difference in Cooper’s behavior now that he’s clear on who’s the alpha?”

I then got down on my knees and loved Cooper as sweetly and gently as I could. From ‘death grip” to the loving embrace in 2 minutes.

When you are crystal clear as a leader, people get it. It takes time (this wasn’t the 1st ‘death grip’) and patience. And sometimes, you need to get in someones face.


Once to be clear (on your expectations).

And once to be clear again (on your love for their role in the team).

Leadership is like training a puppy. Most of us are not very good at training pets. And most of us are not good at leadership either.

What can we do? Read. Observe. Try. Fail. Learn. Try agin. Remember your higher purpose as leader is to lead, not manage.

Leading is about being in front, showing the way.

And it’s also about teaching. At least where I come from.

Yeah Sounds Crazy

A Writer’s Whole Experience Is Writing

In the animal kingdom, there are instincts that need no schooling or formal training. The very act of being alive is the training. I write for you, to encourage you to not let go of your biggest childhood dream(s). As a writer, everything I see, and everywhere I go provides the potential for content that will help you dig a little deeper in your commitment to…”Live, before you die”.

If you’re reading this, one has to wonder what led you here. And even more intriguing, one has to wonder where did this Blog name come from and what does jeff noel hope to accomplish?

The blog name (and goal) was inspired by the alignment of a dusted-off childhood dream and an undiscovered passion for two things:

  1. To be self-employed
  2. To be a best-selling author

Maybe you’re a writer, maybe you’re simply curious. Maybe you already follow the five daily, differently-themed blogs I’ve written for 730 straight days.

We talk about passion, observe it in others, and wonder if we have it. Fact is, we all have passion. It’s part of our human condition. What we lose is belief in ourselves.

I’ve always wanted to help people, going back to (1972) Mr. Warner’s 8th-grade gym class in Spring Grove, Pennsylvania (yes, it’s as small as it sounds). This is what I’d call a childhood dream. Similar, but different, from you’re own.

Approaching age-related milestones, we pause, reflect, and hope for something better.

And so our whole life provides experience to be used in writing. Everything done, thought, seen, felt, experienced, everywhere we travel, everything we consume, enjoy, worry about – it’s all part of a writer’s experience.

This never became clear until a line was drawn in the sand, “I’m going to be a best-selling author, speaker, and small business entrepreneur”.

The one thing you will find in my writing is that you can observe real life in real time – my story is similar to yours. The only advice you’ll find here is that we must decide for ourselves what we want and how we’ll get it. If we wait for someone to hand us a map, we’ll never get anywhere.

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How Much Do I Weigh?

Christmas Morning 2010
Christmas Morning 2010

A golf cart full of neighbors came by yesterday delivering Christmas goodies. While the adults talked, the children and Cooper frolicked.

Neighbor: “How old is Cooper?” Me: “Six months.”

Neighbor: “How much does he weigh?” Me: “I don’t know, maybe 60 pounds.”

This morning, I double checked….73 pounds….

A lot happens, right before our very eyes, whether we’re paying attention or not.

As a leader, this is a huge responsibility.

But does it matter, really, in the big picture?

Yeah Sounds Crazy

What If Puppies Could Talk?

What if Puppies could talk?

Enough Already, Okay?
Enough Already, Okay?
Sheez, How Many Pictures Must You Take?
Sheez, How Many Pictures Must You Take?
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A Reality Blogger?

Yesterday's (Dec. 18) Family Christmas Photos
Yesterday's (Dec. 18) Family Christmas Photos

Reality TV. Reality shows. What about reality blogs?

A “Reality Blogger”….

Who would make such a claim? Would they be able to pull it off?

Only one way to find out.

Yeah Sounds Crazy

It’s Sorta Not Like This

Three Weeks Old (July 5)
Three Weeks Old (July 5)
Eight Weeks Old (Aug 12) - 1st Day @ Home
Eight Weeks Old (Aug 08) - 1st Day @ Home

You’ve probably heard that attending church doesn’t make you a Christian anymore than standing in a a garage makes you a car.

And owning leadership books doesn’t make you a respected leader anymore than owning Dog training books makes your Dog listen.

The key, as if you don’t already know this, is to make common sense, common practice.

There are basics, fundamentals, that make being a respected leader and owning a well-behaved Dog much more likely.

But no rules for success will work if you don’t.

Thoughtful, passionate repetition is the only way to develop great habits. Period.

Anyone telling you differently is after your money, because you’re after easy solutions.

The solutions aren’t easy, but they are simple.

Yeah Sounds Crazy

People Are Pleading For This

Was My Blind Spot That Obvious?
Was My Blind Spot That Obvious?

People need certain things in life. Things that are critical to success.

A young boy might crave a puppy.

A new employee might crave a great leader.

In either case, it is a very real craving. A need, if not fulfilled, might manifest itself in unproductive ways.

A need, if satisfied well, can produce life-altering results.