At Least Where I Come From

Leadership IS like training a puppy. Seriously. The ingredients are exactly the same. Love (servant leadership) Selection (pick the best you can afford) Vision (well-trained people & pets) Mission (great service) Consistency (at every step) Training (master the fundamentals) Support (care & “feeding”) Rewards (what gets rewarded gets repeated) Purpose (teamwork) Earlier today, our ‘puppy’,… Continue reading At Least Where I Come From

A Writer’s Whole Experience Is Writing

In the animal kingdom, there are instincts that need no schooling or formal training. The very act of being alive is the training. I write for you, to encourage you to not let go of your biggest childhood dream(s). As a writer, everything I see, and everywhere I go provides the potential for content that… Continue reading A Writer’s Whole Experience Is Writing

How Much Do I Weigh?

A golf cart full of neighbors came by yesterday delivering Christmas goodies. While the adults talked, the children and Cooper frolicked. Neighbor: “How old is Cooper?” Me: “Six months.” Neighbor: “How much does he weigh?” Me: “I don’t know, maybe 60 pounds.” This morning, I double checked….73 pounds…. A lot happens, right before our very… Continue reading How Much Do I Weigh?

It’s Sorta Not Like This

You’ve probably heard that attending church doesn’t make you a Christian anymore than standing in a a garage makes you a car. And owning leadership books doesn’t make you a respected leader anymore than owning Dog training books makes your Dog listen. The key, as if you don’t already know this, is to make common… Continue reading It’s Sorta Not Like This