The Truth Hurts

RIP Cooper: July 14, 2014

Yellow Lab looking over wall for his master


(photo above: Next to last photo of Cooper at home – snapped during morning walk through neighborhood, July 6, 2014)


Yellow Lab by neighborhood mailbox


(photo above: the last photograph of Cooper at home… neighborhood walk July 7, 2014… the cross was a sign that wasn’t understood at the time)

RIP Cooper: July 14, 2014.

Posts here at Leadership Is Like Training A Puppy are sporadic.

Yet the blog post writing is prolific.

Seriously prolific.

Like 10,000+ posts since April Fool’s Day 2009.

This means nothing to 99.99% reading this post.

I get it.

Who cares, right?

For the .01% that cares, wrote this post at Mid Life Celebration, briefly describing a sudden tragedy with Cooper.

The Truth Hurts

Top ten secrets of highly effective leaders

Written on a napkin at a restaurant while traveling a few months ago, the top ten secrets of highly effective leaders:

  1. read a lot
  2. show up early
  3. stay late
  4. laugh
  5. go the extra inch
  6. see the future
  7. okay with gray
  8. fear less (fearless)
  9. fearful (of mediocrity, of complacency, of competition)
  10. they teach
  11. they add value (more than expected)
  12. their workday begins the night before
  13. they’d do it (lead) for free
The Truth Hurts

Where Have You Been jeff noel?

It's been a very busy, very rewarding, year.

Where have you been jeff noel?

Where have I been?


Busy working a real job.

Busy traveling.

Busy being a Dad.

Busy keeping up with things that come with having a mortgage and a Family.

Busy walking our Dog.

Busy praying.

Busy thinking, and exercising.

Busy reading.

And of course, busy writing.

I write five daily, differently-themed blogs. Every morning. Rain or shine. At home or on the road.

Whether I feel like it or not.

This blog, Leadership Is Like Training A Puppy, has been on the back burner, simmering, while the main course has been setting prolific blogging records at Mid Life Celebration, LLC.

Happy New Year’s eve! Let’s blow the roof off 2012!

The Truth Hurts

In Life, It’s All About Working Things Out

Few of us embrace simplicity and common sense as adults, mostly because it’s been beaten out of us. Poor leadership. Poor self-image. Doubt. Fear. Long list, right?

The aspects of those things most important are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity.

When do these things resurface in our lives, giving us a second chance to consider making them important again? Last night driving home from dropping off our son’s sleepover buddy, my son and I had a conversation and the most basic and important phrase came out of my mouth.


In life, it’s all about working things out.

Immediately, two leaders came to mind. Misunderstanding, driven by lack of communication, assumptions, busy schedules, excuses, etc, can skew the truth so badly, that great opportunities are buried, when they could very well be the next big breakthrough.

There, that’s the main message. If you want to read more, this whole thing started when I reflected on how well Chapin and his friend (both 10) played together. “You guys got along great. Only one or two challenges, but you worked it out.”

“You know, like they say on American Idol. Dude, you worked it out.”

My son was still confused at the metaphor. Told him on American Idol, working it out means singing an amazing song. But in this context, working it out meant you and another person solved a difference of opinion.

That’s what life is all about, I piped, without even thinking twice. And it hit me three seconds later, so I pulled over and wrote it down.

Profoundly simple. Simply profound.

Life is like that.

Glad I worked it out between me and my intuition.

A boy and his future ‘brother’, the canine inspiration for this blog…

The Truth Hurts

Hard To Believe That It’s Been A Month Since jeff noel, The Blog Whisperer, Posted Here

Do you have dreams of writing a book? Ever consider a crazy title like, Leadership Is Like Training A Puppy? I would. Wait, I am.

Yeah, jeff noel, The Blog Whisperer here, even though it’s been a month since I’ve posted here, it’s only been a few minutes since I’ve posted here. Have written over 4,000 posts the past 2 years.

Cooper, our Yellow Lab puppy, inspired this Blog and website. Not many Dogs have their own blog. Not many bloggers write 5 daily, differently-themed blogs. Anyway, we’ve had these two Ducks occupying the same spot in our front yard, under an Oak tree. Closest water is 300 meters away.

Our ‘water dog’ is curious why these ducks float on land.

Always a helpful Lab, Cooper sort of directs them on their way.

Training, in any arena, has it’s moments. Things come at your leadership team that no one ever saw coming. In this case, the benign arrival of the squatting Ducks.

In other cases, severe and life-altering moments…

Wait, that wasn’t it. This is it…

Adversity doesn’t develop character, it reveals it.

The time to prepare for pain is when the sun is shining.

The Truth Hurts

Kill Shelters Are Needed

Wonder if the abandoned puppies ever see it coming?

Leadership is serious business some of the time, fun some of the time and some of the time, it’s sad. It’s the same with Pets. Hear me out.

We just finished watching The Switch, in which the final scene has Sebastian, the 7-year old boy, stubbornly refusing to blow out the candles until someone at his party volunteers to adopt Doug from the Kill Shelter. Today is Doug’s last day if no one saves him.

Trouble is, no one wants Doug. He’s old. He only has three legs.

Switch back to my living room, our Son (10) asks me what a Kill Shelter is.

People get Pets, cute, cuddly, adorable puppies, thinking the training is within their abilities. Truth is, training a puppy is like leadership. Hard. Difficult. Tiring. Frustrating.

So, unlike leadership, people reach a breaking point and take their unruly Dog to the Pound, the Animal Shelter. If no one adopts them quickly, the are killed, humanly. But killed nonetheless.

They have to be, there’s a steady stream – more abandoned and unwanted pets. There’s simply no room unless room is made.

I told our son that Puppies don’t listen, they chew, destroy, bark, urinate, poop, run away – making a long list of reasons to dump them.

And then I told him I make it look easy. The reason Cooper listens like he does is simply this: Leadership is like training a puppy. Training, development, recognition, involvement, patience, vision. Hard. Difficult. Tiring. Frustrating.

But in the end, a labor of love. A calling. A privilege.

If your career plan involves becoming a leader, with an official title, paycheck and expectations, are you sure you can handle it?

The Truth Hurts

The 1 Thing That Makes A Champion

Important, but not very catchy…

Focus, leadership, creativity, vision, help you stand out and garner praise…

Since 1949, less than 700 cities have received this…

What makes a dog a champion? What makes a leader great?

Hold on, because this is so profoundly true and simple that we are quickly tempted to dismiss the revelation.

What makes a dog a champion? What makes a leader great?

The judge, and it depends who’s judging.

If the American Kennel Club is judging, well, it goes without saying where the bar is set. Or, if Fast Company, Mashable, or The Huffington Post is judging, same thing.

But in your world, who judges you? And perhaps more importantly, how high do you think they set the bar?

And finally, how willing are you to jump over it?

jeff noel is the author of a dozen different blogs. The Blog Whisperer, and CEO at Mid Life Celebration, LLC, jeff realizes the importance of ‘different’ in the digital economy.

Leadership Is Like Training A Puppy is serious about making a difference. jeff noel and his blogs have become one of the most prolific bloggers in cyberspace.

To stand out in a massive 100,000,000 blog forest, using creativity with blog names and having an unusual or questionable hook, make all the difference in whether people will click through….or not.

How can Leadership be like training a puppy? If I have to explain it to you, you won’t understand….

The Truth Hurts

You Can’t Fire Your Pet

More Pictures? Come On, Seriously?
More Pictures? Come On, Seriously?
Ok, But Hurry Up
Ok, But Hurry Up

You can’t fire your Pet, or your children (if you have them).

What if you couldn’t fire your employees?

What if that was all you had to work with? What then?

Training them might take on a whole new meaning.

And the results might astonish you.

But you will probably never know, because you won’t become motivated enough to – with People or Pets.

The Truth Hurts

Of Course It’s Impossible…

You'll Need To Watch Plenty Of Training Videos
You'll Need To Watch Plenty Of Training Videos

That’s what people have been saying for thousands of years.

We buy into it.

Only the rich, only the famous, only the most talented – they’re the only ones who’ll be successful.

Same with raising a well-trained Dog.

Same with acting with integrity, passion, vision and inspiration.

Hard work.

Day in, day out.

Never getting bored with the basics.

Finding what works and what doesn’t, but mostly, practicing the fundamentals.

Being famous, or having a well-trained Pet, comes with a price.

Anyone telling you differently is lying to you.