It doesn’t matter what we look at

It doesn’t matter what we look at, what matters is what we see. When we focus on the surface, we risk missing everything else. Imagine that for a moment. You may marvel at Disney’s world-famous grooming guidelines and completely miss the fact that grooming guidelines aren’t the insight. The insight is Disney’s uncompromising focus on […]

Brand Loyalty Next Steps activity

Brand Loyalty Next Steps activity. Strike while the iron is hot. Iron is easily malleable when hot, and impossible to shape when not. Now (yes, right now) is the time to write down some important, top-of-mind brand loyalty thoughts. Make a few lists and don’t fuss over minute details – this is high-level, very rough-draft […]

Who better than you?

Who better than you? From the brand loyalty activity you just completed, you should be somewhere on the spectrum between overjoyed with future possibility or overwhelmed with hopelessness. The next best step for your current state is action. Action will harness your joy for possibility and it will also mitigate your feelings of hopelessness by […]

Disney Brand Loyalty activity

Disney Brand Loyalty activity. We are going to pause for a few minutes and give you an opportunity to reflect on what you’ve read from “It’s A Trap” (page __) to here. In the space below, write (or draw) words, phrases, questions, answers. Remember, the reason you’re doing this is to capture your key thoughts […]

Any fool can dream

Any fool can dream. Dreams are great. But dreams without a plan and action are worthless. Hope is a great strategy, but it’s a poor tactic. Action is the antidote for being dissatisfied. But there’s never enough time is there? This is a great time to have a mantra along the lines of, burn the […]

It’s never going to feel safe

It’s never going to feel safe. Let’s agree that risk implies an uncertain outcome – an uncertain future. Easy, right? The good news about risk when the future isn’t certain is that you know you are on to something special. Listen to the sound of that again – you’re on the path to something special. […]

Newton’s Law of Gravitational Culture

Newton’s Law of Gravitational Culture. Gravity is a law, not a theory. An intentional brand loyalty culture versus an unintentional culture is a theory. A theory that is, for all practical business purposes, as valid as the law of gravity. On Earth, gravity is unmistakable. Gravity is also irrefutable. Without gravity, Earth would be chaos […]

Newton’s Law of Culture In Motion

Newton’s Law of Culture In Motion. A culture in motion tends to stay in motion. We can say this with confidence, every company has a culture. And every culture has motion. Good motion, a culture by design. Bad motion, a culture by default. Building a culture worth defending is the most important long-term priority for […]