It’s a trap

It’s a trap. The waiting. The doing nothing. It’s a trap. We’re caught in this profound, literally hopeless dilemma. So we entertain, distract, and medicate ourselves to make it through another day. Wait. Step back from your daily routine and elevate yourself high enough to look down and see the whole show – to see […]

Confused by abundance and easy access?

Confused by abundance and easy access? We can access all the brand loyalty information in the world. At anytime, from anywhere. The cost? Free. So why are we stuck? Why are we still battling the whack-a-mole reality? Sound familiar: Your day is filled with one pressing operational issue after another. Most of it is stuff […]

Radically ask for better brand loyalty blueprints

Radically ask for better brand loyalty blueprints. What you know about brand loyalty comes from what you’ve done, read, experienced, taught, written, thought, and dreamt about. Even with all that going for you, odds are high you’re still yearning for better, simpler, more profound and actionable information. Have you considered asking for more, and for […]

Looking Back, Now Will Have Been A Bargain

Looking Back, Now Will Have Been A Bargain The cost for adding brand loyalty enhancements always seems expensive at the time. The price you pay for all those years living without the enhancements is literally impossible to recoup. This so-called price you pay takes the form of lost growth and revenue, unrealized organizational vibrancy, turnover […]

Busy Doing Nothing

Busy Doing Nothing Being good at doing things well is often seen as success. Really? Think about it. Yes, we are good at things. But are we good at the right things? Who’s coaching us about brand loyalty priorities? Who’s holding us accountable? And what if our boss is the same boat as us? What […]

Cultural Brand Loyalty Blueprints Implementation Plan

Reputation Let’s review the suggested cultural blueprints implementation plan. The Building owner is the CEO. Deliverables from Leaders Champions are exterior style, interior style, landscaping. Your Promise: Unifying Goal. Delivering Your Promise: Process mapping. Emotional Connection: Exceeding expectations using an organization-specific framework.Example: Seven service guidelines. All collaborative efforts by executive leaders and the cross-functional teams […]

How to execute next steps to convert theory into reality

How to execute next steps to convert theory into reality. Big picture involvement: Five foundational ownership tracts; 19 total blueprints. One owner of everything, the CEO. Up to ten Champions selected from CEO Cabinet; two Champions for each of the five ownership tracts (Leaders, Employees, Customers, Reputation, Improve). Some Cabinet members may be responsible for […]