The Truth Hurts

RIP Cooper: July 14, 2014

Yellow Lab looking over wall for his master


(photo above: Next to last photo of Cooper at home – snapped during morning walk through neighborhood, July 6, 2014)


Yellow Lab by neighborhood mailbox


(photo above: the last photograph of Cooper at home… neighborhood walk July 7, 2014… the cross was a sign that wasn’t understood at the time)

RIP Cooper: July 14, 2014.

Posts here at Leadership Is Like Training A Puppy are sporadic.

Yet the blog post writing is prolific.

Seriously prolific.

Like 10,000+ posts since April Fool’s Day 2009.

This means nothing to 99.99% reading this post.

I get it.

Who cares, right?

For the .01% that cares, wrote this post at Mid Life Celebration, briefly describing a sudden tragedy with Cooper.

Training For Consistency

Train Your Dog Like Staff

Yesterday, on a 1st-day-of-Spring Sunday morning walk, I shared an observation with our son (10), as our now 9-month old yellow Lab, Cooper went racing by us.

“Did you notice how Cooper sits and waits when you open his crate door?”, I asked casually, but with great purpose.

No, Chapin replied. So I began the lesson…

When you leave no room for interpretation, you get great results. Cooper clearly understands that when the door opens there is only one scenerio – sit and wait for the command to exit.

Anything less than doing it every single time, and we, as his leader, confuse him on what we expect.

Just moments before this conversation began, we had made it to the end of our driveway. I told Chapin that eventually, Cooper will do the same thing by our mailbox – he’ll sit and wait for our command to exit the yard and have permission to walk on the street.

Repetition, with humans or animals, is the mother of all learning.

Yeah Sounds Crazy

How Much Do I Weigh?

Christmas Morning 2010
Christmas Morning 2010

A golf cart full of neighbors came by yesterday delivering Christmas goodies. While the adults talked, the children and Cooper frolicked.

Neighbor: “How old is Cooper?” Me: “Six months.”

Neighbor: “How much does he weigh?” Me: “I don’t know, maybe 60 pounds.”

This morning, I double checked….73 pounds….

A lot happens, right before our very eyes, whether we’re paying attention or not.

As a leader, this is a huge responsibility.

But does it matter, really, in the big picture?

You Can't Fire Your Pets

Leadership Is Like Raising A Puppy

Yellow Lab, Cooper, at six months – yesterday, December 12, 2010:

Six Months - 12.12.2010
Six Months - 12.12.2010

Pets and people aren’t stupid.

But ineffective leaders often think they are.

The same principles that govern a well-trained Dog, will also govern a well-trained employee.

You’ll see.


Meet The Puppy

Dec. 08, 2010
Dec. 08, 2010
Dec. 08, 2010
Dec. 08, 2010

Can a dog, a puppy, help you become a world-class leader?

Wait, before you think this is nonsense and leave…

This is Cooper, a 6-month old Yellow Lab puppy.

He’s going to influence and, most assuredly, change the way you behave as a leader.

So that you become a better leader, more often, to more people.

So meet the puppy, in these photos taken this morning, December 8, before work.

The vision for Leadership Is Like Training A Puppy is to help people like you (who are passionate about doing work that matters) become better leaders through proven leadership training strategies.

It’s hard to have a well trained Pet, but it’s not impossible.

It’s hard to be a great leader, but not impossible.

Sit. Stay. Come. Good Boy.

Over and over and over and over….