In Life, It’s All About Working Things Out

Few of us embrace simplicity and common sense as adults, mostly because it’s been beaten out of us. Poor leadership. Poor self-image. Doubt. Fear. Long list, right?

The aspects of those things most important are hidden because of their simplicity and familiarity.

When do these things resurface in our lives, giving us a second chance to consider making them important again? Last night driving home from dropping off our son’s sleepover buddy, my son and I had a conversation and the most basic and important phrase came out of my mouth.


In life, it’s all about working things out.

Immediately, two leaders came to mind. Misunderstanding, driven by lack of communication, assumptions, busy schedules, excuses, etc, can skew the truth so badly, that great opportunities are buried, when they could very well be the next big breakthrough.

There, that’s the main message. If you want to read more, this whole thing started when I reflected on how well Chapin and his friend (both 10) played together. “You guys got along great. Only one or two challenges, but you worked it out.”

“You know, like they say on American Idol. Dude, you worked it out.”

My son was still confused at the metaphor. Told him on American Idol, working it out means singing an amazing song. But in this context, working it out meant you and another person solved a difference of opinion.

That’s what life is all about, I piped, without even thinking twice. And it hit me three seconds later, so I pulled over and wrote it down.

Profoundly simple. Simply profound.

Life is like that.

Glad I worked it out between me and my intuition.

A boy and his future ‘brother’, the canine inspiration for this blog…

By jeff

Orlando based motivational speaker.