RIP Cooper: July 14, 2014

Yellow Lab looking over wall for his master


(photo above: Next to last photo of Cooper at home – snapped during morning walk through neighborhood, July 6, 2014)


Yellow Lab by neighborhood mailbox


(photo above: the last photograph of Cooper at home… neighborhood walk July 7, 2014… the cross was a sign that wasn’t understood at the time)

RIP Cooper: July 14, 2014.

Posts here at Leadership Is Like Training A Puppy are sporadic.

Yet the blog post writing is prolific.

Seriously prolific.

Like 10,000+ posts since April Fool’s Day 2009.

This means nothing to 99.99% reading this post.

I get it.

Who cares, right?

For the .01% that cares, wrote this post at Mid Life Celebration, briefly describing a sudden tragedy with Cooper.

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