The 1 Thing That Makes A Champion

Important, but not very catchy…

Focus, leadership, creativity, vision, help you stand out and garner praise…

Since 1949, less than 700 cities have received this…

What makes a dog a champion? What makes a leader great?

Hold on, because this is so profoundly true and simple that we are quickly tempted to dismiss the revelation.

What makes a dog a champion? What makes a leader great?

The judge, and it depends who’s judging.

If the American Kennel Club is judging, well, it goes without saying where the bar is set. Or, if Fast Company, Mashable, or The Huffington Post is judging, same thing.

But in your world, who judges you? And perhaps more importantly, how high do you think they set the bar?

And finally, how willing are you to jump over it?

jeff noel is the author of a dozen different blogs. The Blog Whisperer, and CEO at Mid Life Celebration, LLC, jeff realizes the importance of ‘different’ in the digital economy.

Leadership Is Like Training A Puppy is serious about making a difference. jeff noel and his blogs have become one of the most prolific bloggers in cyberspace.

To stand out in a massive 100,000,000 blog forest, using creativity with blog names and having an unusual or questionable hook, make all the difference in whether people will click through….or not.

How can Leadership be like training a puppy? If I have to explain it to you, you won’t understand….

By jeff

Orlando based motivational speaker.