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Top ten secrets of highly effective leaders

Written on a napkin at a restaurant while traveling a few months ago, the top ten secrets of highly effective leaders:

  1. read a lot
  2. show up early
  3. stay late
  4. laugh
  5. go the extra inch
  6. see the future
  7. okay with gray
  8. fear less (fearless)
  9. fearful (of mediocrity, of complacency, of competition)
  10. they teach
  11. they add value (more than expected)
  12. their workday begins the night before
  13. they’d do it (lead) for free

By jeff

Orlando based motivational speaker.

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I like how the top 10 showed up as 13. I know for me, it is hard to just nail it down to 10. One that I like to throw in when I teach on leadership is the concept of “believe and believability.” For me, a person claiming to be a leader that doesn’t even believe in his or her own conveyed vision lacks believability for others to follow. That’s when you get into ulterior motives (i.e., the Hitler effect – get the people to believe that you are wanting to unite the country of Germany when the real goal is to exterminate the Jews). Ironically, it is also the same motive of Satan – get the people to believe a lie. Sorry – I went off on a tangent (flashbacks from Sunday school).

Have a great day!


Hi Bob, yeah, 10 = 13…
Who knew? 🙂
It takes a long time to be a leader with character.
A long time.
Fathers and Grand Fathers are in the best positions to be great leaders.

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