Train Your Dog Like Staff

Yesterday, on a 1st-day-of-Spring Sunday morning walk, I shared an observation with our son (10), as our now 9-month old yellow Lab, Cooper went racing by us.

“Did you notice how Cooper sits and waits when you open his crate door?”, I asked casually, but with great purpose.

No, Chapin replied. So I began the lesson…

When you leave no room for interpretation, you get great results. Cooper clearly understands that when the door opens there is only one scenerio – sit and wait for the command to exit.

Anything less than doing it every single time, and we, as his leader, confuse him on what we expect.

Just moments before this conversation began, we had made it to the end of our driveway. I told Chapin that eventually, Cooper will do the same thing by our mailbox – he’ll sit and wait for our command to exit the yard and have permission to walk on the street.

Repetition, with humans or animals, is the mother of all learning.

By jeff

Orlando based motivational speaker.